Bulk Beef

Buy in Bulk

We sell custom cut quarters and halves once a year in the fall (ready for pickup before Thanksgiving). We are currently taking orders for FALL 2022 BULK BEEF. If you would like to be put on the list for 2022, please email us at pasturegrazed@gmail.com

How bulk purchases work 

On average, a quarter beef weighs 180 lbs. You will work with the butcher at Country Pride Meats or Eickman’s Processing to customize the cuts of meat you get out of your quarter. After the beef is aged and cut, you will pick up your beef directly from the processor.

Bulk Prices

You will get two invoices. Here’s why:

  1. Pay the farmer: We charge $3.50/lb for the beef (average 180 lbs per quarter). We take a $250 non-refundable deposit per quarter to hold your order and send an invoice with the final total once the butcher has your beef and we have an exact final weight.
  2. Pay the butcher: Processing (cutting, freezing & packaging fee) is paid separately to Country Pride Meats upon pickup. This cost varies depending on your cut preferences. Average processing cost is 70¢/lb.

How to Order

We are currently taking orders for FALL 2022. We require a $250 non-refundable deposit for each quarter ($500 for a half beef)

Click the button below to order and make your deposit via online payment. In the “Quantity” field, select the number of quarters you would like to order (example: Quantity = 2 for half beef).

We will contact you in the fall with final invoice and instructions. Questions? Contact us here.

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