Pasture Grazed

We’re a local farm family committed to farming sustainably. We currently sell pasture-raised beef and pork from our farm in Clare, Illinois, but are always exploring new ideas and striving to provide our community with the products you ask for.

We call ourselves Pasture Grazed because our pastures are at the core of everything we do. The pasture nourishes the animals, so we must nourish our pastures. Through our collective years of experience, formal education, lifelong learning and love of the land, we have discovered new ways of raising animals on pasture and continue to improve upon what we do. You can learn more about our pastures and how we raise the animals here.

The Farmers

Dan and Hattie, a.k.a Mom and Dad. See also: Grandma and Grandpa. Dan has a passion for soil health and is always willing to try new methods of farming to make sure we are taking the best care of our land possible. Hattie grew up on a dairy farm but found a passion and profession as an artist. Our logo and other fun designs are made personally by Hattie!


Trent (son of Dan and Hattie), Libby, Owen, Jack and Lane. Trent studied agronomy in college and has a knack for farm tech. He is our go-to seed guy. Our pastures are strategically planted with grasses and legumes that will benefit the animals as well as the soil. Libby is a nurse and animal lover. Owen loves to spend time on the farm, and we’re sure Jack and Lane aren’t far behind!


Rosie (daughter of Dan and Hattie), Corey, Violet and Calvin. Rosie studied animal science in college and has experience in marketing and communications. She’s the person you’ll most likely work with if you have questions or buy meat from us. Corey is an engineer by trade, but we put him to work fixing fence and running the tractors, too. Violet and Calvin love to check the animals with Grandpa Dan!


Thanks for stopping by to get to know the people behind Pasture Grazed! Visit the other pages on our site to learn more about what we do and follow us on Facebook to see updates from the pasture throughout the year.

Questions? Interested in purchasing from our farm? Contact us here.

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