All of our local beef is pasture-raised and grain-finished. That means the animals have access to pastures and grass hay throughout their lives and we add grain to their diet in the later stages to improve the quality of the meat. Marbling is where the flavor comes from, and adding grain to the animals’ diet is how we make sure we are supplying you with delicious, local beef.

“There is no cow like a Midwestern pasture grazed cow who grew up literally down the road. I will not pay outrageous prices for beef that can’t compare to this!” -One happy customer

We offer bulk purchases (quarters and halves) once a year, or you can purchase smaller bundles or individual cuts from our farm while supplies last.

Buy in Bulk (Pre-Order for 2021)

We currently sell custom cut quarters and halves once a year in the fall (ready for pickup before Thanksgiving). We are currently taking pre-orders for Fall 2021. You will work directly with the butcher to have your beef custom cut the way you like it! For more details on ordering beef:


Beef Bundles and Individual Cuts

Contact us to order and make an appointment to pick up!

CURRENTLY SOLD OUT OF BEEF BUNDLES. Limited supply of individual cuts available. Contact us to see what’s in stock.

Click for: Individual Steak Prices

Click for: Individual Roast and Ground Prices

We have pork bundles available for purchase! Please contact us to let us know what you’re looking for and we will let you know what we have in stock.

Do you have questions we can answer before you order your beef? Let us know through the Contact Us page!

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